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Oh, Mattel…you’ve finally done it <3

by anika on July 9th, 2013

I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with Mattel.  As a kid, Barbie was my favorite…a common enough thing.

When I got back “into” dolls in my 20’s it was both Blythe as well as vintage Mattel Casey/Francie that really roped me back in (because frankly, when I got back “into” dolls I didn’t want to spend $ on Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls).  I’ve sold almost all my vintage non-Skipper though…which I really really regret but…c’est la vie.

Anyhow, this month there came Ever After High.

Oh, Mattel…you’ve hit, literally, all the right notes.  Adorable characters, perfect styling, nice bodies/jointing, even decent hair (which is often a LOT to ask, unfortunately).  Best yet, they can share some things with Monster High.  So sure, I’ll get into those too (a couple years too late, but hey, whatever, right?).

These ladies hit Indianapolis on Friday…and I got them yesterday.   Figured I’d just really like 1 but no, I had to get all 4.  After years of Blythe and Super Dollfie and vintage…it’s refreshing to really fall in love with a doll that is, dare I say it, “affordable.”  The faces really remind me not of the aesthetic but of the ethos of the original Volks 4 sister SD heads…these girls share a mold but have different skintones and styling.

Holy adorableness!!!!!!!

I so rarely update this blog…not sure if anyone even reads it.  After all, I spend my time running after 2 toddlers, 2 dogs, and maybe a kitten (we’re hand nursing an orphan…each day will be touch and go for quite a while).  My free time is largely spent with dirty hands in my garden and my dolls languish in a closet.

Hi :: waves ::  I still play with dolls.  Really, I do!

These girls are begging to be unboxed but I just do not have the time/energy ATM.

I mean, come on…their boxes are books for goodness’ sakes…books!  I die!

My favorite is Madeline Hatter.  She’s shorter than the rest (apparently she shares torso/arms but has shorter leg parts).  As a shortie myself, I LOVE THIS!

If I had to choose a least favorite I’d say Briar Rose…but her outfit is to die for…

Raven is a-m-a-z-i-n-g as well.  I worry that collar might leave facial marks though…she might not be a great one to keep mint in box if you want her to be prettiest.

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