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Marchen Waltz Elena

by anika on August 15th, 2013

This head reminds me a bit of the Volks Sato-only MSD F-16…I kind of regret selling mine but just never could get into the child-like mini size doll.

This head, as well as the MSD F-16 have very short chins and permanent downward-glances as a result…not unlike the old Volks F-09 in that regard too…which I think is now F-04?  Ugh, I do not know.  I hate when numbers get recycled for ‘updated’ doll heads.  But I digress.

Marchen Waltz is a newer Korean company (1st DoA thread I find is 2011).  As always, upon discovering a new company I find that I have just missed out on the head I adore the most…Ceylon in this case, even though it was just rereleased in June (out of the loops).  Elena is a LE available through August 31, 2013.

She’s on an SD10 body in her promo pictures…which I have to say seems a bit “off”, scale-wise, for her? (Resin tone is perfectly matched though, nice.)

I dunno…can you imagine her instead on the new 2013 DollsTown elf body redesign?

The neck would be much more slender and fae (7.8cm on the Elf vs. 9.5cm on the SD10)…giving this heavy-lidded head a rather consumptive visage, especially on the shorter body (the DT Elf body is 53-ish cm with a head, in comparison to the SD10 which is 58 cm).

And oh how I love consumptive puffy-eyed dolls, but y’all probably already know that…

I also think that this head would look great next to Georgianna, my GloryDoll Lucy who wears the “old” DT elf body.  (Another 16cm eye head.)

I think I might even have a couple pairs of really lovely DropRops urethane eyes with no current owner…hmm…

To be honest though, my only worry is that petite little nose.  I love dolls with big noses.  Hers might be “too” sweet?  Elf body might counter that since it’s got such interesting proportion and posability…or maybe not…

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