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Monster High/Ever After High

Monster High were launched by Mattel in 2010.  They are a line of fashion dolls where each character has unique head molds (often body too) and is a “child of” various monster/fairy tale tropes, myths, legends, etc.

My favorites are Frankie, Laguna, and Twyla.  The very first MH I bought was the light-up Frankie in 2013.

In 2016 they are supposed to “reboot” with new face molds, etc…I am not very pleased about this, but I suppose it’s hard to know what they will be like at this point.  :: gulp ::

Ever After High came out summer 2013 and unlike Monster High, I jumped on them right away.  I still think the first wave have higher production value/standards than the later ones.  They are cute, but they suffer from having a lack of head molds.  And the newer ones have less variation in skintone too, which I find a bit problematic.

On the right is the Monster High version of Cupid (she’s the first -so far only- student to transfer from MH to EAH) and the Ever After High version on the left.  The EAH version shares a facemold with all the other EAH girls…she’s cute but lacks some degree of ‘special’ (a complaint I have about several of the EAH dolls, to be frank).

There are a lot of dolls that lend themselves to a certain degree of authorship (the larger ball-jointed dolls probably being the best example)…but with MH and EAH I definitely feel like they are just fun fashion dolls within my collection.  I don’t really “play” with them, redress, etc…they embody the characters as they were pre-packed…and I’m fine with that.  They’re adorable and some of their things can be borrowed by other dolls.

I’m constantly moving these dolls around…at some point I am going to run out of room.

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