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March 24, 2014…Belated Happy Birthday, Roselynde!

Doll name(s): Roselynde
Doll type(s): Volks LE SD10 Sasha
Wig: Mohair by Neale…dyed by me with tea
Clothing: Self made…just scraps

Camera used: Olympus PEN E-PM1, Panasonic 20mm pancake lens

Happy 10th birthday to my loveliest of the lovelies, Roselynde.

She’s my oldest “big” doll, though I had I think 4 other Super Dollfie before her.  They’ve all gone and she remains.


Arrived March 15, 2004.

She lives in a dark closet and has for many years.  Digging her out is a bit like her first unboxing, really.

The shoes remain but the doll is long gone.  SD Carol.  I actually quite miss her but just don’t like larger dolls in the normal Volks skintone.

Indeed, after all this time.

Gracious those Antique Roses are dirty…and this lass could use more than a gentle going over with a sponge…but she’s still my very favorite, hands down.

I assume in another 10 years her patina will only be richer.  She is like a chunk of old ivory now.

I should sew her something now that she’s out.

I’ve decided to scan some of the ephemera I’ve got for Sasha.  She was originally a release of 50 dolls through Dollybird Magazine then offered at the Dolpa.  I can’t provide a citation but I had it in my head that there were about 160-something of them all together, but that might be fantasy…?


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