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I got my first Jenny doll in 2002…like a lot of my others, I don’t have many of my early dolls.  And what I have now are mostly all hybrids with optional bodies if they are not vintage Takara.

Vintage Jenny…she has a Francie-type vintage Takara body and the prettiest lips <3

My vintage girls hang out with my Vintage Francie/Barbie…also my ca. 1975 Takara Nina Ballerina (she’s like Yukko-Chan but does ballet rather than rides a bike…the stand is enormous, be warned).

I really love Licca heads on the Azone XS Pure Neemo Flection body.

More Liccas on XS Neemo…the one on the right lives in my daughter’s room now.

Licca on XS Neemo on left…Marine on M Pure Neemo on right.  Marine is probably my favorite Takara head, next to Licca.

I’ve also got a Castle Kisara on older Petworks Momoko body…a calendar Tamaki on Orange Chocolat Momoko’s body…and a Club Lobelia on 27cm Obitsu soft bust body.

My Miyu isn’t pictured…she’s on a S Pure Neemo body…and lots just stashed in the closet.

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