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Momoko and Ruruko are 1:6 size dolls produced in Japan by Petworks.  They are both especially fashionable and their clothes are very detailed and realistic to current fashion.

Ruruko is a newer doll and is smaller than Momoko and comes on the Azone Pure Neemo Flection XS body (one of my very favorites).  3 of my 4 Momoko are actually on the Obitsu 25cm soft-bust body…I really like the proportions.  1 is still on her older Petworks body though, since she’s tan and hard to color match.

I spent a long time ignoring Momokos…there have always seemed to be so many of them.  But now that I have a few I do really love them.

And Ruruko is something special…I truly adore her little imp self.  I have 2 <3

I love the Obitsu 25cm body and think that Momoko clothes often fit it really well.

Oh, up in front are my 3 vintage Fingerding/Azone Picco Neemo hybrids.  They should get their own page if I ever finish them…

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