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Kikipop are super cute new dolls designed by Kinoko Juice and produced by Azone, Japan.

They were first released in September 2015.

I have Honey Pink…whom I have renamed to “Choux” (like the versatile French pastry) and cannot WAIT to get another, but they are still very new and not easy to find.

Kikipop are able to share shoes with the smaller 27cm child-like ABJD like Volks’ Yo-SD.

They have very high foreheads and it can be hard to predict exactly how wigs will fit…but in general, either a size 7-8″ or 8-9″ wig will work.

Kikipop seem to be made from the same resin-type material as the other Azone Pure Neemo bodies.  I have a few of these (XS, S, M, L)  but they usually have a Takara head on them rather than Azone.  I like the material better than the plastics types used on Obitsu bodies.

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