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Other Dolls

In addition to the other dolls listed here, I also collect:

Lalaloopsy Girls

I don’t care much for the big Lalaloopsy (though I stand to “inherit” 3 from my daughter when she outgrows them), but I love the smaller ones.

Especially the Lalaloopsy Girls…which first came out in July 2014.  Some are VERY hard to find and I’ve only ever seen them on Amazon…I fear that this line will be soon-retired, frankly.

They have great customizability, though I’ve not tried so…they remind me of old Japanese pose dolls.

Vintage Remco Fingerdings

Fingerdings were little finger puppets.  They have big vinyl heads on little soft bodies with holes for fingers.  Came with boots/skates/shoes, etc.  I have 3…the pink one I actually de-carded myself.

These are from the 1960s/70s.

All 3 of mine have an Azone Picco Neemo 1:12 size body.  The heads take much finagling to be sturdy.


I have had this old bisque since 2007, I think…I know absolutely nothing about her but she has such a sweetly painted face.

There is a type of older jointed porcelain/bisque doll called “Mignonette” and I label this one as such, though she is on the small side and certainly not a super high quality doll.

Sometimes it’s the weird little dolls that call to you though…this one by way of eBay.  That is real human hair glued on her…she’s an interesting little doll.

Vintage Tiny Betsy McCall

Tiny Betsy McCall was produced in the 1950s and 1960s.  She is about 8 inches tall.  Her body is prone to cracking at the bottom and the legs often mess up…but when they are in fine condition they have adorable jointed legs that pose quite well.

I have 1…she sleeps all the time.

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