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Doll profiles

Pronunciation: al-LIN-or
Birthdate: Arrived August 10, 2007
Age: 21
Maker: Volks
Details: SD Masha
Customization: Faceup by Volks, SD-G large-bust body, SD-13 legs, high-heeled feet, H-03 hands
Eyes: 18mm Zoukeimura GE-27 Ash Violet (used to wear Sax Blue)
Blood Type:
Favorite Colors: White
Description: Alinor is the half-sister of Roselynde. She’s the eldest.

Her mother died after she was born, and she shares her name, but wishes that she would be judged on her own rather than compared.

She is very polite and sweet, but sometimes seems to be far away in a world of her own.


Pronunciation: fay-LEE-sit-tay
Birthdate: Arrived August 24, 2005
Age: 3
Maker: NotDoll
Details: Nari-Pon Periwinkle (Crystal skin Rose White)
Customization: None
Eyes: 6mm blue-green glastic (default)
Blood Type: A
Favorite Colors: Flowers
Description: Felicite is Honorine’s sister. She’s also 3 years old and very very teensy (only 10cm tall).

Felicite loves anything to do with flowers and is most happy in the garden. She also loves animals (including all kinds of weird bugs).

Unlike her sister, she does talk…but she doesn’t say much. I wonder how the Nari-Pon communicate?

Also unlike her sister she loves to eat vegetables and fruits and all kinds of healthy things. But Felicite does enjoy sweets too every now and then 😀



Pronunciation: George-e-ah-na
Birthdate: Arrived October 24, 2009
Age: 17
Maker: GloryDoll (Head) and DollsTown (Body)
Details: GloryDoll Lucy (Milky) on DollsTown Elf (Freshskin)
Customization: Faceup by Anika
Eyes: 16mm Antique Rose Peppermint Blue (#35) Glass
Blood Type:
Favorite Colors: Purple
Description:Georgianna is a passionate letter-writer and friend to all who know her.

She is very observant and can always be relied upon for an accurate description of the goings-on to those who are not there to see it themselves.

An avid reader, she dreams of becoming an author.


Pronunciation: on-or-een
Birthdate: Arrived April 22, 2005
Age: 3
Maker: NotDoll
Details: Nari-Pon Daisy (Crystal skin Rose White)
Customization: None
Eyes: 6mm lt. blue glastic (default)
Blood Type: O
Favorite Colors: Chocolate, strawberries, and whipped cream
Description: Honorine is a 3 year old little girl who happens to be very very tiny (only 10cm tall).

She is a sweet little baby who enjoys all sweets and loves to drink big tall glasses of milk. She has quite a temper, but we hope that she might grow out of the tantrums.

We’re not sure why, but Honorine does not speak. Not one word. Ever. Maybe she just hasn’t had anything much to say yet?

Honorine and Felicite are inseperable and even though Honorine isn’t as fond of bugs or getting dirty she’ll still keep Felicite company while she’s gardening. What a sweet sister (we didn’t expect it)

Pronunciation: MURR-nuh
Birthdate: February 22, 2011
Age: 26
Maker: SinyLand
Details: Veronica
Customization: Faceup by Anika, wears a SDGr Alice body
Eyes: 16mm Enchanted Doll Sweety #32
Blood Type:
Favorite Colors:
Description: Myrna is extremely fun-loving and effervescent but has a need to unwind on her own with loud music and a good book after she’s been partying.

She is tall and moves very gracefully, even in high heels…alas, not I.  She is Roselynde’s favorite friend to go along to the Arboretum.

Pronunciation: nell-lee
Birthdate: Arrived December 24, 2010
Age: ???
Maker: FairyLand
Details: Basic RealPuki Roro
Customization: Faceup by Anika
Eyes: 6mm blue-green by Captured in Glass
Blood Type:
Favorite Colors: ???
Description: Nelly (nee Hydrangea) appeared on Christmas Eve.  We think that the smell of baking Christmas cookies might have lured her down the chimney.

Once inside though, she has decided to stay…especially when she saw our garden.  Hopefully having her around will make it grow very large and strong.

She decided to change her name in January 2016.  Isn’t that funny?  “Hydrangea” always went by Gigi or Roro anyhow…I’ve never had a doll change name though.


Pronunciation: ROZZ-a-lind
Birthdate: Arrived March 15, 2004
Age: 18
Maker: Volks
Details: LE Sasha
Customization: None
Eyes: 18mm Peach (#38) by Antique Rose
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Colors: White, Lace, Sheer
Description: Roselynde is Alinor’s younger sister. She is very sensitive, introspective, and quiet.

Like her sister, Roselynde loves music. She has recently learned to play the piano and is a lover of the arts and loves to leisurely wander around museums, galleries, and especially botanical gardens.

Roselynde is very beautiful, but she is the kind of girl who has no idea how pretty she really is. She likes to remain anonymous in crowds.

Ruby Rhubarb

Pronunciation: ROO-bee ROO-barb
Birthdate: Arrived October 18, 2007
Age: ??
Maker: ElfDoll
Details: LE Alice Cherry Blossom, 1st Edition
Customization: Eyelashes replaced
Eyes: 16mm Bloody Rose (S2) Eye Candies
Blood Type: ??
Favorite Colors: Berries and cream
Description:Ruby Rhubarb is a wee piglet who enjoys eating very very much.

Most of all, she enjoys eating sweets with cream fillings. Often she forgets to wipe her nose and people laugh when they see her covered in cream.

Ruby Rhubarb also enjoys watching cooking shows on television.


Pronunciation: tuh-LOU-luh
Birthdate: August 24, 2013
Age: 17
Maker: Marchen Waltz
Details: Elena
Customization: Faceup by Anika, Doll Chateau no. 6 body on order
Eyes: 16mm Sax Blue by Zoukeimura
Blood Type:
Favorite Colors:
Description: Tallulah is best friends with Georgianna.

They both seem to keep secrets from everyone else.


Pronunciation: will-low-BEE
Birthdate: August 24, 2013
Age: ?
Maker: Marchen Waltz
Details: Ceylon (white resin)
Customization: Faceup by Anika…42cm MYou Pear body on order
Eyes: 18mm Brown/Pink by Captured in Glass (?)
Blood Type:
Favorite Colors: Anything in nature
Description: Willoughby enjoys nothing more than going into the garden and really getting filthy.  The other girls aren’t quite as adventurous but love seeing the little botanical treasures that Willoughby finds and brings to share with them all.

She is a collector and lover of the natural world and prefers recycling to shopping.




Unnamed dolls…Doll Chateau Katharine…Doll Chateau Elizabeth…Soolee Ken (body shares)