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Mar 18 13

Enchanted Doll resin line

by anika

I got an email  this morning that the resin line of Marina Bychkova’s luscious Enchanted Doll is finally available to order.  I have 24 hours to order then my name will be dropped from the waitlist.

:: le proverbial sigh ::

Photo copyright Marina Bychkova…edited in Photoshop by Anika Williams.

I’ve made her a lot more “pink”…pretty pretty resin :: paws ::

Alas, so very VERY dear as well.

Dec 2 12

Saffron & Myrna

by anika

Finally named 2 dolls.

Saffron is my MSDoll Miu (2012).

Leeke wig and 14mm Ethereal Angels urethane eyes in “Tempest”.  She wears an old Limhwa body…ca 2006-2007 I think…I’ve had it forever, but never played (I don’t like how it poses, the torso is really tricky).

Bad faceup by yours truly 😀

I think she really needs another body…the Limhwa is lovely, but the color match is bad and really bothers me…Volks resin is more yellow…DollsTown too…hmm…

Myrna is my SinyLand Veronica head (2011).

16mm Enchanted Doll Sweety #32 (I think).  Fancy SDGr body.

My faceup, again.

Sep 7 12

SDGr Body <3

by anika

Today a head I got early last year finally got a body.  If I’d ever get around to giving her a faceup I think I could name her and officially “have” her if that makes any sense.

Photographed with Alinor, my Volks LE Masha who wears a FCS body I ordered in 2006 (SD-G large-bust body/arms, SD-13 legs, high-heeled feet, H-03 hands).

The head is a SinyLand Veronica…a small Chinese company I can’t find much about.  The resin is fine quality, though we’ll have to see how it ages.  I think it does the Volks’ resin decent justice…which is saying a lot as Volks has the best resin in the business, imho (followed closely by DollsTown).

Sep 3 12

Long time, no…

by anika

Sometimes I look back at the years that I’ve been in this doll “hobby” and really wonder where the time went.  In November I’ll have been an active member of DoA for 10 years.  And I think I joined TiB if not at the same time, then right around then.

So I suppose in a way, to celebrate, I’m doing my annual doll sale to help make some space to splurge a bit on myself.  I’m selling quite a bit this time…

Still have tons of things to list…more wigs…shoes…clothes…oh what a chore!

I’ll divulge what I’m splurging on after it’s happened…I hate to jinx sales by talking about new things, you know?

May 29 12

Angel’s Egg Dolls

by anika

This is a link to Angel’s Egg dolls webpage.

I’ve been watching this artist for a while now…having noticed her porcelain dolls quite a while ago.  Now she’s starting a resin line and giving one away.  Far be it from me to not throw in my little digital ‘raffle entry’, so here it is.

One thing I want to mention is that I just adore the work that goes into these.  There’s a similar aesthetic to ABJD or even Enchanted Dolls, but this artist is definitely doing her own thing.  The filigree work and cutouts, the lacing through the doll’s material…I just love it.

Not to mention wee roses and such, but ofc you knew I’d like that 😉

This is NOT my photo, it is from the artist’s Flickr.  Which I am sure you also want to see, so here you go.

Mar 15 12

8 years ago today…

by anika

Roselynde arrived.

How sad is it that I can’t even remember how many other dolls had arrived by that point (I think it was 6 though, but yeah, not quite sure)…because all that I had before her have now left…and she’s officially my “oldest” doll.

Well, here’s to you, oh Prettiest of the Pretties ::raises coffee for a toast::

Feb 9 12

Soolee Doll (née MSDoll?) Miu

by anika

A couple years ago I emailed MSDoll and was saddened to hear I had missed my chance to order Laurie…that the mold was broken.

Lo and behold, an announcement!  Miu is a new head from MSDoll soon to be available to order on their new website (Soolee Doll) from February 11-26, 2012.

Lots more photos here.

Nov 15 11

Hybrid Beyla (x2) FS

by anika

Well, as often happens, I’ve found myself with a couple dolls I’m just not interested in any more.  My 2 Beyla hybrids (1 Beyla/Glot, 1 Beyla/Minette) are up on eBay right now.

They’re BEAUTIFUL and super neat dolls, I hope someone buys them…I hate having them just sit in my closet.  I’m a lot more interested in the larger non-“fantasy” dolls again and these 2 just don’t fit in.

May 28 11


by anika

Click on the photo for more <3

Mar 26 11

Edria with faceup

by anika

Photo copyright LLT.

Such a pretty face!

They’ve moved her release back though…now to “end of May”.